03 December 2021

Media Release: Nikko AM Reboots Robo-advice Platform

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Nikko AM reboots robo-investment platform so new generation of sharemarket investors don’t have to go it alone

Redesigned GoalsGetter platform offers intuitive support and access to wide range of retail investment and KiwiSaver funds

Leading New Zealand Fund Manager, Nikko AM NZ, has unveiled a new user interface for its GoalsGetter investment platform, designed to make it easier and safer for the increasing number of New Zealanders taking an interest in financial markets to understand, set and reach their investment goals.

Nikko AM NZ’s Managing Director, George Carter, says that while increased public participation in the sharemarket through the rise in online trading apps has been a positive step, the sustainability of this phenomenon relies on the industry providing more than just access.

“As has been proved over the last 18 months, the market can be volatile and highly unpredictable, so simply giving inexperienced investors access to the share market is not the democratisation it has sometimes been hailed as. In fact, it can be quite the opposite, if it leads to new investors getting burned through bad choices and giving up on investing to meet their financial goals,” says Carter.

GoalsGetter’s key point of difference is that it allows investors and KiwiSaver members to experience the excitement of building wealth from domestic and international financial markets without having to go it alone. Rather, investors can use the free platform to choose from a range of investment and KiwiSaver funds suited to their investor profile and timeframe, that have been selected for them and are actively-managed by the same experts that manage portfolios for Nikko AM’s large institutional investment clients.

“Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, GoalsGetter is all about empowering you to fulfil your financial potential and reach your chosen goals,” says Carter. 

“When Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson blasted into space earlier this year, or when Hillary conquered Everest, they did so only by leveraging the expertise and guidance of others. Even the seemingly superhuman Lisa Carrington was quick to acknowledge the role her team played in her Olympic success. Not going it alone didn’t lessen these achievements, it enabled them – and this is the advantage we can provide for those seeking to build wealth in financial markets.”

The re-designed GoalsGetter platform provides access to 13 retail funds and 8 KiwiSaver Funds, as well as Nikko AM’s recently-launched philanthropic Freedom Fund. These diversified and specialist funds enable investors to set and track their progress towards specific investment targets from an initial investment of just $250. Investors retain the ability to select their own funds or follow the investment path selected for them, which matches them to funds best suited to their timeframe and investor profile. Check it out for yourself at www.goalsgetter.co.nz





Nikko AM NZ Managing Director, George Carter, is available for interview and further comment. Please contact Gez Johns, Network Communication: 027 808 8455 , gez@nwkcom.co.nz