What We Do

Insight, Strategy, Delivery

We don’t speak first. We listen. Understanding your work is fundamental to how we approach ours - providing a bespoke service through which we apply our expertise to your world, not vice versa.

We will work with you to develop a clear strategy tailored to your objectives – and equip you with the tools and confidence to achieve them. 

We are flexible, supporting you with in-house resources or through more traditional consultancy services; happy to stand visibly alongside you or be your silent partner providing advice from behind the scenes.

Corporate / reputational

We work with our clients to help protect and grow their greatest asset: their reputation. 

Reputation and brand alignment are built on trust and respect. We can help you listen to your customers, shareholders and myriad stakeholders to develop a programme of activity that grows the strength of your relationships with them. 

The need to communicate empathetically, but realistically, is now greater than ever. While the channels for communication have evolved over the years, these have been the hallmarks of the Network Way for the last 50 years.

Crisis / risk management

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong. From risk planning and preparedness to simulation and crisis management, we can ensure your organisation is ready for all eventualities.

For the issues you can foresee and the events that take us all by surprise, we can help you put together a structured crisis communications plan. This will cover the protocols, channels and language you’ll need to use to reach out to your staff, stakeholders and customers swiftly, and support your reputation through clear, empathetic communication.

Consumer PR

The speed with which customers and/or stakeholders change their information consumption habits has made PR an integral component of brand marketing. Our role is to help our clients navigate all communications channels to create meaningful connections, engage audiences and motivate action.

Working alongside ad agencies, media buyers and other creatives, we can bring you closer to your audience and deliver brand-defining results through PR-integrated campaigns.

Media / social training

With information now available almost instantly across multiple platforms, newsrooms are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver content that is both exclusive and immediately shareable. For media spokespeople, this brings increased challenge and opportunity.

Our tailored media training focuses on preparing you to deliver key messages confidently, effectively and empathetically, in a manner that reflects the values of your organisation. Whether you’re an experienced media spokesperson or stepping in to a role with media exposure, our in-house training specialists create an authentic training environment, simulating relevant proactive and reactive scenarios.

Our role is to give you the tools and confidence to perform well under pressure and provide engaging comment to support positive PR opportunities.

Content Creation

Story-telling today needs to be layered through a variety of complementary media, including video, long and short-form copywriting and creative multi-channel campaign collateral. 

As a team of writers, creatives, marketers and former journalists, we are skilled at creating content geared to specific channels that collectively resonates with audiences. In addition to managing strategic, creative campaigns, our expertise covers:

Ghost-writing op-eds; speech writing; creative copy for web; media; advertising; video; report writing; editorial feature writing; social campaigns

Creative direction; production; script writing / editing; front of camera presenting

Advertising / jingle scripts

Tailored multi-channel campaigns; integration of influencer content